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Mission Statement

Mission Statement

To empower and support our partners to develop and increase learning opportunities for the multi-professional workforce.

The core functions of the Training Hub are to:

Attract - Promote the roles and opportunities in Primary Care to people at all stages in their careers; from students in our local schools and colleges through to those still wanting to contribute but with more variety and a reduced commitment.
Develop - Expand our clinical placement capacity to enable more students to learn and develop in the primary care setting.
Recruit - Support our employers to maximise the potential of new recruitment models that bring staff into primary care from non-traditional routes.
Retain - Facilitate our people to stay within primary care by creating new career opportunities and enabling them to grow and develop as individuals and professionals.


Supporting You

Our training hub is a network of education and service providers based across primary care in Northamptonshire.

We are a resource for primary care to support; staff training and education, staff retention and attraction, staff recruitment and return to work.

To ensure we can support our people in primary care we have worked with our GP Federations and Super Practice to put in place Training Hub Relationship Managers

They are the go to people for all Training Hub queries, that can’t be answered by our website.

To contact your Training Hub Relationship manager email us, telling us the name of your practice or Primary Care Network and we will put you in touch.

Collaborating to support you

The Northamptonshire Primary Care Training Hub is a collaboration of organisations already established and working to support primary care. We are:
3Sixty Care Partnership
General Practice Alliance
Lakeside Healthcare Group
Northamptonshire CCG
Northamptonshire LMC
Principal Medical Limited