Overview of Microsoft Office Applications

21st May 2024

Microsoft Office is the daily bread and butter of administration tasks and daily life but sometimes we don’t know how to use all its amazing features!

This workshop is an overview of the features of the main MS Office Packages. It is a whistlestop tour of useful hints and tips of the top 5 programmes used within MS Office, this includes Word, PowerPoint, Outlook, Excel and Teams. A workshop like this will equip delegates with new knowledge, tools and resources they can take away to look at making processes slicker, review current practice and make efficiency savings all by understanding our technology a little better.

The workshop will be delivered as a virtual session and delegates are encouraged to follow along with the instructor to be able to experiment and try out the hints and tips that are learned. We will also do a pre & post survey to gauge users’ current knowledge and understanding.

Learning Objectives

  • The basic functions of the top 5 office applications
  • Useful hints and tips to improve my experience within MS Office
  • More about the options available within the packages
  • Find smarter ways to get a task done within MS Office
  • Demonstrate learning throughout the session and take away learning after the session
  • Identify and adopt processes that are currently used that could be made more efficient



Workshop Programme

Introduction and Welcome
About Microsoft – Overview of the MS Office range
Live Demonstration & Follow On


  • Dictation
  • Focus Mode
  • Smart Search
  • Toolbar / Ribbon Customisation
  • Designer
  • Zoom feature
  • Rehearsing with a coach
  • Inserting videos from online
  • Slide masters
  • Sending calendars
  • Rules in ‘out of office’
  • Quick parts
  • Delay schedule
  • Reminder for others
  • Conditional formatting
  • Transposition
  • Formatting
  • Conditional formatting
  • Basic formulas
  • Pivot tables
  • Screen sharing
  • Call preferences
  • Meeting options
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1pm - 4pm