Roadmap Supervision (RMSV) Training

5th June 2023

Roadmap Supervision (RMSV) Training 

• • Day 1 Monday 5th June and Day 2 Monday 19th June 

There are two routes on the roadmap to be recognised as an FCP with the Centre of Advancing Practice:

  1. Portfolio route: requires submission of a portfolio of evidence signed off by an approved roadmap supervisor (RMSV); clinician criteria to be eligible for this training is outlined below.
  2. Taught route: FCP masters level 7 module.

Clinician eligibility criteria for 2-day RMSV:
• AHPs & Nurses with a full PG Masters
• Recognised FCPs on the HEE FCP directory
• Advanced Practitioners on the HEE Directory
• GPs

Currently supervisor trainers undergoing the 2-day RSMV course will need to complete both days unless they are a GP Educational Supervisor. GP Educational Supervisors are not required to undertake the 2-day RMSV course but can access a 2 hour top up session specific to the AHP workforce and masters level sign off.

Please note only recognised and approved National RMSV trainers can deliver RMSV courses.

Training Cohorts - each cohort will comprise up to 16 supervisor trainees:

Please only book your place by following this link. The Training Hub is not managing the bookings and you must follow the instructions in the link below to secure your place

It is imperative that prospective supervisors understand the commitment to complete both days of training, and that they must meet the required criteria.

It is expected that the first courses will be filled on a first come, first served basis until the process matures, when a more planned approach can be adopted.

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2 days