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Vaginal Prolapse and Fitting Ring Pessaries

13th October 2023

 Course Content

  • An overview of the female genital tract
  • Signs and symptoms of prolapse
  • Types of pessaries available, and how to fit and change a ring pessary.
  • Practical workshop using a manikin.
  • Identification of problems, and how to solve them.
  • Hormone Replacement Therapy for the genital tract.

 Course Aims and Outcomes

  • Understand the causes of female genital prolapse
  • Describe the signs and symptoms associated this condition
  • Explain to women how gynaecological surgery may help
  • Identify problems associated with ring pessaries
  • Describe how to fit and change ring pessaries


Please be aware that due to this course having limited places and a cost that will use the majority of annual CPD allocation, we are inviting applications for the available places.

Successful applicants will be advised of their place by 15th September 2023

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1pm - 4:30 pm