It is estimated that up to 30% of a GP’s caseload is taken up with musculo-skeletal (MSK) conditions, yet ultimately up to 85% of those conditions do not need to be seen by a GP and could be more appropriately dealt with by an experienced MSK Physiotherapist, often referred to as a First Contact Physiotherapist (FCP).

Many GP practices across BSW are now offering patients the choice to see an experienced MSK professional from the start of their patient journey, which is proving advantageous for both the patient as well as the practice as it frees up a substantial number of appointments.  This reduces the pressure on GPs and also makes savings in secondary care as many (up to 50%) patients are able to be discharged, after the initial consultation, with advice on managing their condition and not needing onward referral

This expansion of MSK services within primary care provides an immediate solution to GP shortages and delivers the transformation of primary care needed for a sustainable health system tailored to modern population needs.

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Is there any recruitment funding available to Primary Care Networks?

This is a role that is included in the Additional Roles Recruitment Scheme from April 2020. Primary Care Networks may therefore be able to access funding via the CCG to cover salary and on costs. You can find out more about the scheme and workforce planning by contacting the GP Forward View Leads who work with the CCG’s Primary Care Team and by referring to the information in the links below:

Funding for Continuing Professional Development (CPD)

Investment in CPD for physiotherapists in primary care for 2020 – 2023 was initially announced in the NHS Long Term Plan. The funding is held by the Training Hub on your behalf.

 An amount of money roughly equivalent to £1000 per eligible staff member working in each practice (based on the 2019 staffing levels) has been allocated to be spent over that period on CPD requirements. The funding cannot be used for backfill or administrative costs.

Ideally you will already have identified your CPD needs through an annual appraisal process with your line manager. We have asked practices to give the Training Hub an idea of your CPD needs so we can ensure that suitable training is commissioned/available to meet your needs and also so we can use the CPD funding appropriately and fairly.

Roadmap to Practice

A Roadmap to Practice is a supportive document that provides a clear educational pathway from undergraduate to advanced practice for clinicians wishing to pursue a career in primary care.

The latest resource from the CSP; a new career guide for FCP

Reflective example case studies

Below are two examples; the first requires improvement as it doesn’t meet the threshold for master’s level evidence – it includes comments at various points highlighting areas for improvement.  The second case study demonstrates more in the way of complex clinical reasoning.  Case studies of this kind could be useful for both advanced practitioners and FCPs who are building their portfolios of evidence.  This example is from FCP MSK.

Reflective example case studies

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