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There is so much more to apprenticeships than you might think. They are for anyone, at any age and in any role. We want to support you to find the right course for you, secure funding and guide you through the paperwork and process. 

Apprenticeships offer hands on practical experience, giving you a varied training package allowing you to learn whilst you earn in an environment you feel comfortable in!

 Apprenticeship opportunities 



There are over 350 different NHS careers and many of them are open to apprenticeship career pathways. NHS apprenticeships are available at several levels offering the opportunity to develop a career whilst learning and earning.

Benefits of apprenticeships

Improved Patient Care

Apprentices tend to be eager, motivated, and flexible. Their commitment to learning on the job results in increased loyalty to the organization, leading to a consistent approach to patient care

Values and Behaviours

Apprenticeships include training on NHS ethos, values, and beliefs. This ensures that new staff have the right values and behaviours from the start of their careers

Skilled Workforce Development

High-quality apprenticeships provide critical skills training for both existing and new employees. They keep healthcare professionals up-to-date with the latest technology and practices.

Widening Participation

Apprenticeships enable a diverse and local workforce, improving staff retention.


Who do I contact?

Jo Stewart

Relationship manager and information about all apprenticeships and funding available

Email Jo

Sarah Briggs

Clinical placement facilitator and all things with placements and clinical apprenticeships

Email Sarah