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Frequently Asked Questions

During National Apprenticeship week in February 2023, The Training Hub Team received a significant number of questions. Based on this we decided to compile a list of some of the most popular questions that were asked.

Are Apprenticeships only for young people?
NO. There is no upper age limit for those wanting to enrol on an apprenticeship. They are open to all ages.

Are you able to do an Apprenticeship whilst working full time.
YES. Apprenticeships are a vocational way to train and are completed alongside your current job role.

Are Apprenticeships only for entry level qualifications?
NO. Apprenticeships range from Level 2 (GCSE equivalent) up to Level 7 (Masters Degree equivalent). They offer clear career development in most sectors with the benefit of earning a wage and no tuition loan.

Does the Off-the-job-training time have to be taken away from practice.
NO. The 6 hours can be used for study, revision, shadowing, or anything which is further training and outside of your job role. Off the job does not necessarily mean away from the job.

Are Apprenticeships available for current staff.
YES. An apprenticeship is a great way to retrain or upskill you current staff. Staff will gain knowledge and skills within their chosen fields.

Can you do an Apprenticeship if you work part-time?
YES. Most Apprenticeships are flexible and will allow you to work part time around other commitments. You will do less weekly hours but the programme length will be extended to meet all learning outcomes.

Can you enrol on an Apprenticeship if you already have a qualification?
YES. you can take a current qualification to a higher level or you can completely retrain in a different sector to the one you have your current qualification in.

Is it financially worthwhile doing an Apprenticeship? Could it enhance your earning potential?
YES. According to studies by the National Apprenticeship Service, an Advanced Apprenticeship could improve your lifetime learning potential by £77K-£117K, whilst a Degree Apprenticeship could bring in £150K more earnings.

Unsure about Off the Job Learning? Take a look at this short guide from Skills for Health..

Skills for Health Guide - Off the Job Learning

The Training Hub have a dedicated Apprenticeship Team to support both individuals and practices and can provide:

  • Help and advice in identifying the right apprenticeship programme
    Information on apprenticeship career pathways – for both clinical and non-clinical roles
    Details on the funding that is available. It is important to mention that we have secured the commitment of the Northamptonshire ICS to fund primary care apprenticeships through the transfer of Apprenticeship Levy which means that in most cases, the cost of the apprenticeship programme can be fully funded.
    Updates on current projects to increase the number of apprentices working in primary care
    Tailored help and support to work with PCN’s and practices to identify opportunities to introduce apprenticeships.

For more information please email the team

Email The Team


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What is possible?

Please have a look at our page of some of the examples of Apprenticeships that are available. There are so many to choose from that you will need to do your research to see what is available.

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