Our support to you

We aim to support all learners find high-quality placements across primary care in Northamptonshire. Our mission is to develop fantastic student experience's and to be there for our practices to help grow our future workforce. 


Why consider hosting a learner

We will guide you through the process of preparing for a student, taking as much work away from you as possible, letting you enjoy the benefits that come from hosting a student:

  • Students exposed to primary care are more likely to consider a career within it.
  • Hosting students is known to improve retention of existing staff.
  • The critical thinking skills of your current team will be improved.
  • The addition of learners to the practice team brings in diversity and creative thinking.
  • Gives other roles experience of teaching, raising their profile as educators.
  • Hosting a student can bring additional income into the practice. 

What do students need?

Students and learners have diverse learning needs when it comes to length and type of placement or experience required for their education. These steps are very easy to follow and by doing so you will contribute to their growth and help them build a solid foundation for a successful career in primary care.

How to become a placement provider

We would like to encourage all practices to consider offering a student placement. We feel the local area offers excellent examples of primary and community care provision. If we have convinced you to start on your journey to placing students, have further questions or would like to host more students in your practice please email a member of the team.


Who do I contact?

Sarah Briggs

Clinical placement facilitator - deals with all learners and their placement needs 

Email Sarah