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Reverse Mentoring Programme

The Reverse Mentoring Programme will cover 3 protected characteristics, ie Race, Disability and LGBTQ+, and we are seeking to recruit Mentors from Race, Disability or LGBTQ+ protected characteristics.  As a Mentor, you will be matched with a senior leader (Mentee) in an organisation within our partnership across Northamptonshire.

Next Steps:-

Expression of Interest Form

Colleagues and members of your staff networks who are interested in participating in the Programme, will need to complete the ‘Expression of Interest Form’  (see link below).  Upon submission of the form, The Reverse Mentoring Company will arrange for a MS Teams Link to be sent to  attend a Reverse Mentoring briefing session on either 8 February, 23 February or 28 February 2023.  Sessions will be for 1 hour in duration and will take place from 13:00 hours to 14:00 hours.  Briefing sessions are a great opportunity for colleagues to receive further information about the Programme and to also ask additional questions.

ICN Reverse Mentoring Expression of Interest Form

Mentor Training Sessions

Colleagues who have submitted their Expression of Interest Forms will  also be invited to attend a one-day Mentor Training session (with the consent of their line managers).    Colleagues can choose to attend a Mentor Training Session on either of the dates shown below:

  • Option 1 - Wednesday 19 April  2023 - 09:30 hours to 15:30 hours 
  • Option 2 - Tuesday 25 April 2023 - 09:30 hours to 15:30 hours 


Reverse Mentoring Pairing/Matching

During week commencing 8 May 2023, The ICB will be working with the Reverse Mentoring Company to pair/match Mentors with Mentees (senior leaders). Colleagues will subsequently be informed of the contact details of their Mentor/Mentee partnership, and the programme will go live during May 2023.

Please do encourage your colleagues and members of your staff networks to join this Programme.  Should you have any questions about reverse mentoring, please do not hesitate to contact Diana Belfon, EDI Specialist at the ICB .  Who would be more than happy to attend any of your staff meetings to talk to colleagues about the Programme.