Stronger Together - Supporting health and care staff across Northamptonshire

Stronger Together is here to provide support to health and social care staff in Northamptonshire. They offer Free and confidential support for individuals and teams: provides up to 4 free and confidential video or telephone sessions with an experienced clinical or counselling psychologist, and help with signposting to the wide range of services and resources available in the county.

Referrals and appointments are not logged on your personal health record.

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Staff Support Line

A confidential staff support line, operated by the Samaritans and free to access from 7:00 am 11:00 pm, seven days a week. This support line is here for when you’ve had a tough day, are feeling worried or overwhelmed. Whatever your worries, trained advisers can help with signposting and confidential listening. Call: 0800 069 6222

Alternatively, you can text FRONTLINE to 85258 for support 24/7 via text.

Substance Misuse and Gambling Support

The current coronavirus emergency has placed great strain on the physical and mental wellbeing of NHS staff – including those working on the NHS frontline and, by association, those close to them. we have commissioned various support offers for health and care staff across a range of areas in response to COVID-19. During these challenging times there is advice, guidance and support available around drug and alcohol issues for individuals and/or their family members. Early access to appropriate information can help to deal with the issues effectively and reduce/stop the harm.

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Bereavement Support

Bereavement Support Line

A confidential bereavement support line, operated by Hospice UK and free to access from 8:00 am 8:00 pm, seven days a week. A team of fully qualified and trained bereavement specialists are available to support you with bereavement and wellbeing issues relating to loss experienced through your work. Call: 0300 303 4434

Mental Health Northants Collaboration

MHNC Website

The Mental Health Northants Collaboration (MHNC),is a group of established voluntary sector providers of mental health services in Northamptonshire.   They have successfully supported people in their recovery from mental and emotional distress, severe and/or enduring mental health issues, crisis care, family or relationship breakdown, loss & bereavement, and other life stresses or problems.

Services on offer include:


Mental Health Navigation

1 to 1 Support

Peer Support

Crisis Support

Work Place Volunteering

Wellbeing Courses

Community Support

Five Ways to Wellbeing

We all take steps to look after our physical health, whether it is eating healthy or simply brushing our teeth. But when was the last time you took care of your mental wellbeing? Northamptonshire Health and Care Partnership invites you to take a pledge to look after your mental wellbeing, using the ‘5 ways to wellbeing’ as your guide:

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Crisis Cafes

Run by a mental health professional and a MIND peer support worker, these provide support and safety to anyone in need by offering coping mechanisms and management techniques to help reduce the risk of crisis.

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Talking Therapies Northants 

Changing Minds IAPT Service

Talking therapy aims to help you gain a better understanding of the issues that are troubling you.

It can help you find new ways of  thinking, feeling and behaving. This can help you improve how you cope with situations that you find difficult everyday life.

Your therapist with work with you to understand your difficulties and agree which type of therapy is best for you.

Northamptonshire My Health and Care Directory App

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Every Mind Matters

Having good mental health helps us relax more, achieve more and enjoy our lives more. For more information and expert advice and practical tips to help you look after your mental health and wellbeing 

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Advice and support to empower anyone experiencing a mental health problem.

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Counselling and Talking Therapies

Counselling support from The Association of Christian Counsellors

A free service developed and funded by the Association of Christian Counsellors, who are offering up to 8 online or telephone counselling sessions from qualified counsellors at flexible appointment times by video or telephone, for:

  • NHS clinical and non-clinical staff working with Covid-19 patients in a hospital setting
  • Ancillary staff working in Covid-19 areas in hospital settings including cleaners, porters and mortuary workers
  • Paramedics and anyone working within the ambulance services caring for patients with Covid-19

The confidential service is open to people of all beliefs and none, and you can ask to be matched on ethnicity.

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Islamic Counselling Support Service

Access free faith-based mental health counselling support for Muslims working in the NHS. Inspirited Minds and the Lateef Project have partnered with the NHS Muslim Network and NHS England and NHS Improvement’s Health and Wellbeing Team to provide a confidential and Islamic-based counselling.

For more information please visit either

insprited minds


Lateef project.

Bereavement support during Covid-19

Guidance and support following the loss of a colleague, friend or family member during the Coronavirus pandemic.   

People grieve in different ways and there is no right or wrong way to react to the death of a colleague, friend or family member.  Many people find it helpful to reach out and talk to someone about their feelings, other may wish to deal with the loss in private.

NHS England and NHS Improvement have put together a suite of resources that aim to help you access support during what will be a difficult time for our staff, given the restrictions and changes to normal grieving patterns and processes for staff who come from diverse backgrounds.

This guide includes resources to support you personally during a bereavement and resources that will help you as a line manager feel better equipped to support your staff, noting the cultural diversity of our workforce.

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How can I support colleagues who are experiencing loneliness?

1. Empower managers to support their teams

Loneliness can be difficult to talk about due to the perceived stigma, and often, may not be the presenting worry. Our courses, including Mental Health Knowledge for Managers and Mental Health Skills for Managers , can help to build confidence and ensure a consistent approach to mental health and wellbeing across teams and departments.

2. Use our free tools to support mental health conversations

We know it can be difficult to know how to approach conversations about loneliness and mental health with confidence and sensitivity. We’ve created a new My Whole Self Talking tips toolkit to help you navigate these conversations.

This toolkit can also be used alongside of our My Whole Self MOT. The My Whole Self MOT is a simple, free guide to help check in on your own and others’ mental health and wellbeing.

3. Commitment to connection pledge

Sometimes it can be difficult to reach out to colleagues when you are feeling isolated or lonely. Create a safe space to connect this week and beyond by joining our commitment to connection pledge.

How to get involved: It’s simple, pledge to reach out to at least three colleagues. This can be a quick virtual catch up with a tea or popping out for a stroll when you are next in the office.

4. Get involved

For Mental Health Awareness Week, the Mental Health Foundation have shared some free resources to help you spread the world and get involved.

5. Share your experience

The Mental Health Foundation are calling for everyone to share their experiences to send a powerful message to others that loneliness is a universal experience.
Share your story during Mental Health Awareness Week using the hashtag #IveBeenThere .

Workplace loneliness refers to feeling disengaged and disconnected from work and peers. This lack of connection with peers can lead to feeling detached from an organisation and an increased risk of depression, anxiety or stress. The cost of loneliness to UK employers has been estimated to be £2.5billion every year, primarily due to increased staff turnover as well as lower wellbeing and productivity and ill health and associated sickness absence.

As many organisations establish new ways of working, we must create workplace cultures that put connection at the heart of them. All staff, no matter their location, must be able to forge an affinity with their colleagues and organisation – it's good for our mental health and good for business.

If this seems daunting, or you need support, don’t forget our new diagnostic service, Startwell, can help you build a workplace culture and wellbeing strategy built on robust data and analysis, which works in harmony with your organisation’s mission and vision.

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