Our support to you

We are here to support all our colleagues across primary care in Northamptonshire. By looking after ourselves and our colleagues in our everyday work and clinical practice, we can ensure that we enjoy our job to the fullest. 


While there is no single or agreed definition of supervision, at its core, supervision is a process of professional learning and development that enables individuals to reflect on and develop their knowledge, skills, and competence, through agreed and regular support with another professional.

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Coaching & mentoring

Working in healthcare can be busy, stressful, lonely and tiring. You may find it useful to look at coaching or mentoring to support you to be your best self and reach your full potential both at work and in your everyday life.

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Professional Nurse Advocate

Using the A-EQUIP model, the Professional Nurse Advocate will provide restorative clinical supervision to nurses to help them improve their clinical leadership skills, patient care quality, and appraisal readiness. This model also boosts nurses' mental health and reduces burnout.

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More Support

General Practice Staff Bank

Lantum provides clinicians with the flexibility to choose what days they want to work and how far they want to travel. Clinicians can work over a range of different locations across Northamptonshire. Clinicians are in control of their own workload.

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Retention Support Initiatives

We can signpost individuals and teams to opportunities that can support staff to continue working in primary care.

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Who do I contact?

Clare Rogers

GPN Lead

Email Clare

Mel Mullin

Professional Nurse Advocate

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Georgina Callard

Professional Nurse Advocate

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