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Working in healthcare can be busy, stressful, lonely and tiring. You may find it useful to look at coaching or mentoring to support you to be your best self and reach your full potential both at work and in your everyday life.

We are committed to offering and signposting to a range of coaching and mentoring services for primary care general practice staff in Northamptonshire.

The difference between coaching and mentoring 

Accessing support

NHS Leadership Academy Coaching and Mentoring Hub

Coaching and mentoring is an inclusive offering available to all professions within the NHS and social care, irrespective of pay grade, clinical and non-clinical roles.

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National Association of Primary Care

NAPC provides coaching service to support colleagues to improve their personal effectiveness, career progression and wellness within the workplace.

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Who do I contact?

Clare Rogers

GPN Lead

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Georgina Callard

Professional Nurse Advocate

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