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NHS Northamptonshire has chosen Lantum as a partner to create a system-wide, multidisciplinary staff bank.

What is Lantum?

Lantum is a digital workforce platform that lets practices manage staffing end-to-end with just one tool.

Lantum is a healthcare workforce platform that aims to unite all clinicians with their healthcare organisations, so that they can deliver the best patient care.

As well as a staff bank, Lantum offers access to a network of 30,000 nationwide clinicians available for sessional bookings at 10% fees, as well as an integrated rota tool that makes scheduling staff quicker and easier.

What are the benefits?

The Staff Bank is a free service for individuals to join.
Easy to use platform to view and book shifts.
It enables the workforce to be used more effectively across Northamptonshire.
It enables practices to access a pool of Staff Bank workers who are available to fill shifts.
It provides a flexible way of working for everyone.
It reduces the reliance on agency workers and associated costs.
It enables General Practices to access specific skill set which may not be available.


Why is NHS Northamptonshire creating a staff bank?

To build resilience

Having access to a system-wide, multidisciplinary staff bank will make it easier for practices to fill shifts, even when cancellations are made at the last minute. This helps the practice to deliver services effectively and takes some pressure off existing staff. It will also make it easier to collaborate with nearby practices and PCNs and share unused resources.

To save money

The staff bank will help reduce spend, as practices will no longer need to pay high agency fees to book sessional staff – instead, practices can book trusted staff from Northamptonshire CCG for just a 1% fee.

To reduce time spent on admin

Having one platform to manage all bookings reduces administration time significantly. With verified clinical governance documents on staff profiles, compliance is much easier to track. By having exclusive access to Lantum’s Rota tool, practices can send staff notifications - so practices no longer need to contact staff individually about shifts. Lantum consolidates statements, so practices make just one payment rather than multiple. And, with the direct messaging tool, practices can keep communication in one place and ensure all rota managers have full visibility.

How does the Staff Bank work?

The staff bank includes profiles of staff across Northamptonshire CCG, complete with details about their experience, skills and clinical governance documents.
Practices post vacant shifts on Lantum using the Rota tool, and staff in Northamptonshire CCG apply for them on the Lantum app.
Practices accept an application from the staff member they would like to cover the shift, and they are automatically notified of the booking.
After the shift, Lantum can automatically pay staff the next day, if they are signed up for Rocketpay. Practices can also set up automatic signing of digital pension forms for GPs.
On a weekly, bi-weekly or monthly basis, Lantum provides a consolidated statement and invoice for all sessions booked, so Practices have one simple payment to make.

Who is funding the staff bank and what will it cost my practice?

NHS Northamptonshire is covering the cost of creating the staff bank. Practices will just pay 1% fees for any bookings made through the staff bank (which is much lower than agency fees!).

Practice Sign up to Lantum

Follow this link Practice Managers Landing Page
Enter your practice details in full.
Book a demo using this link You will be invited to a virtual training session given by the Lantum team, please do your best to attend.
If you have attended a training session, you may begin posting shifts to NHS Northamptonshire's staff bank.

What is the Staff Bank?

NHS Northamptonshire has partnered with Lantum to create a system wide, multidisciplinary staff bank. The new staff bank is a pool of vetted staff that 69 practices across NHS Northamptonshire can share open shifts with, making it even easier for clinicians to book sessional work in Northamptonshire.

The Staff Bank provides clinicians with the flexibility to choose what days they want to work and how far they want to travel. Clinicians can work over a range of different locations across Northamptonshire. Clinicians are in control of their own workload.

What are the benefits for Clinicians?
Access more working opportunities

Clinical staff will now have access to sessional work across the CCG to supplement normal working patterns and offer flexibility. Clinicians will receive prompts about new opportunities and can filter for jobs that best suit their clinical profile and geographical preferences.

Paperless invoicing process

Lantum’s digital invoicing tool makes the billing process easier, greener, and more efficient. Full financial records are kept for all clinical work, making it easy to see what’s been paid and what is still outstanding. Payments are remitted by Lantum and all clinicians can enjoy Rocketpay, clinicians only pay a 1.5% commission fee for this service - meaning payments are made the next working day!

Clinical Passporting

GPs and Nursing staff can upload their clinical compliance documents onto the platform, which are then shared with Practice Managers. Other information, including qualifications, spoken languages and personal profiles, can also be added, which are available to other clinical and non-clinical staff types. All the above can be managed through Lantum’s app for clinicians.

Build trusted relationships with practices

Make it easy to see sessions from your favourite practices, by following them on the app.
Practices can request you for specific shifts, based on your availability.
Communicate with practices directly via Lantum’s messaging centre.

Clinicians sign up to Lantum

Create or link your account using this link.
Upload your clinical governance documents for approval (passport, CV, DBS).
Once approved, search and apply for shifts under the ‘Find Work’ tab.'

If you have any questions, or need help getting started, please contact Lantum directly.