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E-Learning On Demand

In addition to the range of Training Courses and Webinars that we offer via our Training Courses, Events and Webinar Calendar, The Training Hub also acts as a central point for a range of E-Learning and On-Demand training options from a variety of Partners.

Please look through this list and then click on the Icon that you wish to visit. This will take you directly to the external web page that will allow you to access the various training options.


NHS Learning Hub

The Learning Hub is a digital platform that provides easy access to a wide range of education and training resources for the health and care workforce. Organisations and users can contribute and share resources for those in health and care to access.


Elearning for Healthcare

In conjuction with Health education England, elearning for healthacre offers a substantial range of on-demand and e-learning options. 


Health Inequalities Programme

Five new e-learning modules have been launched to support systems in the implementation of Core20PLUS5: NHS England’s approach to reducing healthcare inequalities.
The e-learning modules cover narrowing health inequalities in, Hypertension, Early Cancer Diagnosis, Chronic Respiratory Disease, Maternity and Severe Mental Illness.

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All Our Health: personalised care and population health Programme

The Programme is freely available to access on HEE e-learning for healthcare (HEE elfh)  which is supported by the GOV.UK website too @



GatewayC is an online cancer education platform funded by Health Education England. The content has been developed by clinical and educational experts to assist primary care professionals. It supports the NHS agenda of improving early cancer diagnosis, increasing cancer survival, and enhancing patient experience.


Online eating disorder learning available for GPs and primary care clinicians

To support GPs and primary clinicians in understanding and supporting people of all ages with an eating disorder, HEE has worked in partnership with experts by experience, NHS England and Improvement and the charity Beat to launch online eating disorder learning.

The three sessions take approximately 30-40 minutes to complete each and can be completed at the learner’s own pace. The learning also includes an assessment framework, a GP appointment involving an eating disorder assessment role-play demonstration and reflects with the Royal College of Psychiatrists’ new Medical Emergencies in Eating Disorders (MEED) guidance.

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Breast Cancer Primary Prevention Education Programme

The resource - aimed at primary care staff including GPs, nurses, pharmacists, and allied health professionals - outlines the lifestyle and pharmacological interventions that can be used in the primary prevention of breast cancer for pre and postmenopausal women. It also covers the side effects of each drug and the guidelines to receive treatment.

The programme features 1 module, which takes approximately 20 minutes to complete.


The Environmentally Sustainable Healthcare (ESH) programme

An Environmental Sustainabilityin Quality Improvement elearning session is now available, which aims to support learners in recognising sustainability as a domain of quality, describe how sustainability adds value to each step of a quality improvement process, identify the steps for embedding sustainability into quality improvement and identify appropriate resources for undertaking a sustainable quality improvement project.

The session takes approximately 30 minutes to complete and follows on from the Building a Net Zero NHS session, which provides an introduction to environmentally sustainable healthcare. Certificates are available to download on completion of each session.

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Paramedics elearning programme

MindEd is a free educational resource for mental health support and its "Blue Light" modules are now available in the Paramedics elearning programme. The resource aims to enhance the physical and mental wellbeing of emergency responders, who experience stress and trauma as a result of their jobs.

Paramedic eLearning is a suite of Continuing Professional Development modules for Paramedics working in a variety of settings. These online modules have been developed with the aim of providing ‘bite-sized’, interactive learning experiences that function well on a variety of mobile devices. ELearning for Paramedics is available for free for all NHS and military employees, all users of a address in Higher Education and all College of Paramedics Members. 

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Assessment and Diagnosis of Dementia

Assessment and Diagnosis of Dementia: A personalised approach has been developed to support colleagues involved in assessment and diagnosis of dementia to deliver a flexible, person centred service.

The course has been developed in partnership with NHS England and Improvement’s Dementia and Older People’s Mental Health Policy team. 20 sessions within the course cover a range of topics including cognitive assessment, consent and coercion and post diagnosis assessment.

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Role of the Caldicott Guardian programme

This elearning is for Caldicott Guardians, and those with an interest in finding out more about the role Caldicott Guardians play in keeping people’s health and social care data safe, and ensuring it is used appropriately.

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Recognising and Managing Deterioration elearning

The Recognising and Managing Deterioration programme is an elearning resource offered at 2 levels, universal and advanced, to reflect the participant’s experience and clinical setting. This resource builds upon the use of the NEWS2 tool assisting learners to take the next steps in the assessment process through using the ABCDE assessment tool. This resource follows each step of the tool allowing participants to revise their anatomy and physiology, develop their skills and knowledge in the assessment process to recognise deterioration and manage the findings within the scope of their clinical role.

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Supporting Unpaid Carers

Health Education England elearning for healthcare (HEE elfh) with Health Education England, Carers UK and Agylia Care developed an open access, online resource for unpaid carers. The resource is aimed at people who provide unpaid care to family members, friends, neighbours, people in their communities or anyone who needs caring for.   

Free to access, the Supporting Unpaid Carers resource provides links to relevant information, including guidance on benefits and rights, and how to support those with specific conditions.  


NHS Leadership Learning Zone

ELearning modules complimented by training events and workshops to help you lead your team. Click the Title below to access.


pdf Download the LLZ Modules Catalogue (596 KB)

Respiratory Surge in Children

The Respiratory Surge in Children programme is a digital repository of training resources for self-directed learning, as well as for trainers and educators, to support the cross-skilling of the workforce to increase capacity and enhance capability in response to the expected and experienced increase in prevalence of respiratory illnesses in children.

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LeaRn on Demand Woundcare Training

LeaRn on Demand is a brand new e-learning platform from L&R UK that offers a central hub for education.
Gain access to the latest educational and clinical content, along with product support, information and resources.

By signing up to LeaRn On Demand today you will have access to:

E-learning modules covering wound care, compression therapy and much more, that can contribute to the non-participatory hours of CPD required for revalidation
L&R brand videos, resources and information
A new community where you can connect with others in your profession
A platform to ask questions at any time!