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Countywide PLT - 22nd Feb 2023 - Content from the sessions

The Training Hub hosted the Countywide PLT on the 22nd February 2023. In excess of 600 colleagues across Primary Care were able to log-in during the sessions.

Please be aware that content for the GP PLT sessions will be shared to the new GP Portal.

If you have not received your PLT certificate for the Nurse/AHP sessions, please can you complete the form here - Where's my Certificate?

Content from the Nurse/AHP Sessions

During the PLT there were 4 presentations.

Giles Owen, Head of medicine management at the ICB gave an update on the Practice Medicines Co-ordinator offering. You can view the whole presentation here


Georgina Ellis - Lead TVN at NHFT gave a presnetation with Q&A on Wound Hygiene. You can view the whole session here


Georgina has also kindly shared the following documents and a copy of her slides which you may download from here

pdf PLT Wound Hygiene 22 02 23 (2.02 MB)

document Tissue Viablity Team Referral Form (SBAR) V4 July 21 NEW PHONE NUMBER (107 KB)

NHFT TVN Referral Form – email to

pdf International consensus defying hard to heal wounds with an early antibiofi lm intervention strategy wound hygiene (1) (7.07 MB)

Urgo Details – for education and bandage demo NHFT are also arranging 2 hour drop in sessions at different hotels around the county in March / April 2023 for this.

Rebecca BomBen and Ameena Tahir gave a presentation on the work of the Stronger Together team. You can view the whole session here


The Final session was delivered by Sheila Hardy and David Smart on Severe Mental Illness Physical Health Checks. You can view the whole session here


Dr Hardy has also provided copies of her slides which can be downloaded here

document SMI Heath Check Incentive Scheme PLTFinal (4.50 MB)