The Career Start for Nurses programme is now closed to new applicants. If you are interested in receiving details of further preceptorship opportunities, please follow the link on the right hand side of this page

How does it work?

Career Start is a flexible education programme designed to fund and support the development of a new GPN over their first two years in post. In order to benefit from the programme the nurse must be in, or about to commence, a substantive role in a Northamptonshire practice.

The programme caters for all different groups of new GPNs, including experienced nurses moving to general practice from another area of nursing, newly qualified nurses, and nurses who have returned to practice after a break.

Two year flexible "pick & mix" support and training package
Fully-funded training options
Dedicated external mentor
Opportunities for personal development

Career Start is tailored to the individual nurse's specific learning needs, with the new GPN, their mentor, and their practice choosing which learning opportunities are best placed to build competence and confidence.


Career Start incurs no cost to the practice

Each nurse will receive:

Career Start - Throughout the 2 years

Career Start Mentor

A dedicated external mentor will be allocated to you. Your mentor will provide support and guidance throughout the two years (approx 4 hours per month.

Restorative Clinical Supervision (RSC)

You will have access to RCS sessions with a Professional Nurse Advocate (PNA)

Learning Opportunities

There are many ways to develop knowledge aside from formal training. NPCTH and your mentor can guide you to these opportunities.

Networking Opportunities

Your mentor and NPCTH have many networks and connections throughout Northants. You can join these networks and develop your own, based on your specific interests.


Who do I contact?

Clare Rogers

GP Nurse Professional Development Lead

Email Clare