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The GP Fellowship Programme is a two-year programme of support, available to all GPs working substantively in general practice, with an explicit focus on working within and across a Primary Care Network (PCN). The Programme is a national programme, funded by NHS England, which is being delivered locally by Northamptonshire Primary Care Training Hub.

You’ll benefit from a combination of early career learning, mentorship, peer support and coaching, to help you develop clinical and leadership skills and to facilitate development within your practice and across the wider Primary Care Network.

The programme will provide funding for up to 1 session per week, in order to release the GP from the employing practice, and enable them to access CPD, mentoring, and peer support in this early stage of their career.

Fellowship Benefits

• Structured and supportive approach
• Rotational working opportunities
• Developing an understanding of the work area
• Supportive transition into General Practice
• Opportunities to work in a portfolio way
• Learning wider skills for future ways of working

Purpose of the programme

The General Practice Fellowship Programme aims to respond to three key areas of feedback from newly qualified GPs:
1. Desire for a supportive transition into General Practice
2. Opportunities to work in a portfolio way
3. Learning wider skills for future ways of working


In order to benefit from the scheme, the participant should be:
• A GP that has qualified in the last 12 months
• In, or about to commence, in a substantive role in a practice in Northamptonshire
• The scheme is open to both salaried employees and partners


This programme is nationally funded. Funding covers:
• Approximately one session per week to the employer (pro rata) in order the individual can undertake ‘support and networking’ and ‘learning and development’ opportunities.
• Funding is calculated at the individual’s actual salary cost and is further supported by an additional 30% towards employers on-costs of tax, NI and pension

NHSE have defined framework with 3 themes that must be followed in order to deliver the Fellowships programme. The themes are:

Support and Networking
• Induction
• GPN Supervision
• Coaching
• Peer Support
• Learning and Development

Practice management skills
• Leadership
• Quality improvement
• Mentoring, supervision and coaching skills
• Remote working

PCN Portfolio Working
• Opportunities for experience and integrated working

Participants to the scheme will participate in the ‘Support and Networking’ and ‘Learning and Development’ activities relating to the fellowship programme. This includes learning through a likely mix of training events and self-directed online sessions, mentorship/ supervision sessions and peer support conversations.
Activities will vary week by week and will evolve across the two-year period as new aspects from the model are added. For example, in the first six months an individual might expect to undertake a range of induction and peer support activities, whereas in their final six months on the programme they may be involved in career coaching and plugging into system-wider leadership development and learning opportunities, amongst other things.

The third theme of the scheme is that of ‘PCN Portfolio Working’, which should be accessible to participants after their first six months on the programme. Participants to the scheme will have the opportunity to work outside their usual practice environment, working across the PCN, experiencing other ways of working and stretching their skills. The intention of this aspect is to create interesting activities through building variety, whilst exposing newly qualified clinicians to the new ways of working across a PCN.

As the delivery responsibilities for PCNs grow, fellows can contribute to the PCN by perhaps undertaking a project to take forward e.g., supporting the design and the introduction of a new service that calls upon the new roles that are available to PCNs.

If we wish to enrol on the scheme or require further information please

Email The Fellowship Programme Here

 GP Fellowship Lead - Dr Harriet Pomeroy