Our support to you

The preceptorship programme is open to registered nurses, nursing associates and allied health professionals who are newly registered or new to primary care. 

We also offer registered nurses and nurse associates an alternative programme called Career Start, which includes fully-funded training courses, external mentor support and back-fill payments to the practice.  

What is preceptorship?

Preceptorship is a period of structured support and development for newly registered practitioners, or those undergoing periods of career transition, during which a preceptee is supported by a preceptor to develop their confidence as an autonomous and accountable professional.


What are the benefits of preceptorship?

The main aim of preceptorship is to welcome and integrate the registered practitioner into their new team and place of work. Preceptorship helps professionals to translate and embed their knowledge into everyday practice, grow in confidence and have the best possible start to this phase of their career.

Becoming a preceptor

Any registered healthcare professional of an equivalent or senior level to the preceptee, and within the same discipline, may be a preceptor. They should have a minimum of 12 months' experience post-registration, with experience of working within the setting, and they should attend initial training. Nursing associates (with a minimum of 12 months' experience post-registration) may act as preceptors for newly registered nursing associates.

 Who do I contact?

Clare Rogers

GPN Lead

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