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General practice nursing is an exciting and rewarding job, yet we are faced with ever increasing workload and complexity of care. This contributes to nurses becoming more at risk of burnout and stress.

To support you, we can put you in touch with one of our PNAs who are trained in (RCS) restorative clinical supervision. PNAs have the skills to be able to listen, support and challenge colleagues to improve their ability to cope and manage in stressful situations.

It is important that nurses can process and make sense of the challenges that they face. Having someone recognise the feelings of being overwhelmed helps individuals to process what they are experiencing. Acknowledging feelings and taking the needed step back can help to think more clearly.


Benefits and help


The A-EQUIP model

The PNA uses the A-EQUIP (Advocating and Educating for Quality Improvement) model as a foundation of the work they deliver. This focuses on: advocating for the patient, the nurse and healthcare staff;  providing restorative clinical supervision;  enabling nurses to undertake personal action for quality improvement and promoting the education and development of nurses.

Who do I contact?

Georgina Callard

Lead PNA

Email Georgie

Mel Mullin

Practice Educator and PNA

Email Mel